Jill | Sutton + Grove

@jillematthews // Canada

1 // Tell us about your blog, why do you do it? 
Sutton + Grove is a 'his & her' conscious lifestyle blog that I write along with my husband Luke. We started it out of discovery. We both took a one year course in International Development a few years back and the things we learned about, the history of the world economy, the imbalance within the global north and south (first world/third world) and the connection to consumer responsibility really shook us and spoke to us both. It was then that we entered a serious discovery period; watching documentaries, finding inspiring organizations, socially good businesses and other people who were wanting to make shifts towards a more conscious lifestyle. In that time is when we started our blog as a form of accountability to our journey and a place where we could learn about new brands, organizations and people that are making it their mission to do good and make changes in our beautiful world. It’s been a wonderful journey thus far, and we’re only getting started!

2 // What do you think is interesting about the shift to conscious consumerism happening now?
I find that social media has really helped allow the average person have a voice and understand a lot more about culture and our world than we used to. We’ve always been conditioned to see through the lens of the media, the government, journalists, and businesses the information we are given. And since the internet and social media has taken off, we can now research information, question things more than ever before AND stand together to see change. These types of unified, global discoveries and movements fascinate me and excite me when it comes to conscious living because the power and responsibility is now in the average person and we have the chance to unite and make these changes happen.

3 // What inspired you to move in this direction?

Since it’s been serious for me, I’ve been amazed at how many other people out there have the same mindset, drive and pursuit as we do to live more consciously. Finding people online, business owners, bloggers and new friends who are on the same journey as I am has inspired me to continue pursuing and getting deeper into what it all means and the impact it has. We’re all in it together and that has really changed it all for me.

4 // Where is your favorite place to shop ethically in your city?
Thrift stores! I’ve always been a thrift junky, I got it from my mom, she used to always find the best deals for us kids growing up. But beyond that, I mainly shop online for my conscious wardrobe and home goods now. My city is pretty limited when it comes to ethical brick + mortar shops which I hope will change as time goes on. As for some great online shops, some of my main go tos are Everlane, DSTLD & Elizabeth Suzann.

5 // If you had to choose one book to take on a journey, what would it be?

That’s tough because I’m not as much of a reader as I am a  Netflix kinda gal. However, I am obsessed with Malcolm Gladwell’s books and the way he writes his perspectives through stories.  I would take anything new he came out with in a heartbeat, or just re read some of my favorites like The Tipping Point or David and Goliath!

6 // Have you had a recent piece of great advice?

I would say the best advice I give myself, or have been given (for life and really anything) is just start doing something! So often we have all these great ideas or plans and we hesitate because we either are afraid of failing or even more real we just don’t know how to start. I have always had huge ideas (and still do), and realized that not one thing will ever be accomplished if I don’t start somewhere. So I would suggest if you have a passion for something and an idea for something, find someone who is a go getter and tell them your idea, ask them for some advice on how to make the first step, or if you have a good idea of how to start, write out a goal sheet for yourself, and get started!

7 // Current favorite color?
I always love grey, but I’ve been really into dull teal and dull mauve lately (and mainly for clothing).

8 // Lastly, do you have a favorite S A Y A Hairpin? 

I have the taro hairpin, which is pretty great for throwing your hair up (even for short hair). However, if I could pick any of them, I would say the light colored barrette is pretty slick! I grew up with my mom always wearing fork barrettes, so maybe it’s a bit nostalgic, but I really love the design of this one.