Irma | (Re) Fashion Gallery

@refashiongallery // Paris, France

1 // Tell us a little about your blog ‘(Re) Fashion Gallery’

I created my blog Refashion Gallery when I had a project to create a company with a refashioning project. Over time, this project has evolved but I’ve kept Refashion Gallery. It became my personal blog where I share my lifestyle and travel addresses, as well as some brands that I love. 

2 // What do you think is interesting about the shift to conscious consumerism that is happening now?

It’s great! Every dollar or every euro spent is a vote towards the brand that you’re supporting. Being conscious means being aware that you can make a difference.

3 // What inspired you to move in this direction? 

We only have one planet and one mother earth. Conscious consumerism is not a trend, it’s a necessity.

4 // Where is your favorite place to shop ethically in your city? 

I love going to luxury consignment shops. Paris has a lot of them and it’s the best place to get your rare and exquisite designer items. Two addresses I go regularly: J’y Troque, 7 rue Villedo in the 1st arrondissement and Le Troc de Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement.

5 // If you had to choose one book to take on a journey, what would it be?

Love, Style, Life from Garance Doré. It’s very well written and I can relate to many things that she wrote. 

6 // Have you had a recent piece of great advice? 

Be honest with yourself and dare to live your dream. 

7 // Favourite color right now? 


8 // Lastly, do you have a favorite S A Y A Hairpin? 

The Banana Leaf! It’s perfect for my fine hair.