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  1. The Moonflower is a hair slide with an organic feel, and a smooth, modern shape. It is one of the most popular models in our range! Suiting longer, thicker hair it makes a real statement while holding your hair back.

  2. The Chanang wooden hair fork is available in both tamarind with rosewood, with opposing rosewood with tamarind tips, so they will stand out in any hair colour. Hair forks are able to hold larger and fuller amounts of hair than hairpins, and will keep even the most unruly of locks in place.

  3. The Barrette hair fork is able to hold large amounts of hair in place, and as such suits the longest, thickest heads of hair. The Barrette is hand made from Tamarind and rose wood. Wooden hair forks like the Barrette have been used for centuries and have a timeless appeal. However you choose to wear it, the Barrette’s three pins will keep your hair secure with a unique look.

  4. The Taro hair stick echos the form of traditional hairpins in its design. It combines dark, reddish rosewood with golden tamarind, and is large enough to hold and support thick, thick heavy hair. It’s a classic, stylish hair stick and a popular favorite.

  5. The Double Pandans are a pair of hair pins handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. They are made from a combination of golden tamarind and dark, red rosewood that compliment both light and dark hair. They are suited best to style in medium to long hair.

  6. The Soka Bud hair stick best suits long and thick hair. It’s long and curved shape allows it to wrap and support allot of hair in one short swoop! The thick upper body allows it to secure and hold your hair firmly in place once styled.

  7. The Frangipani is made from tamarind wood with a rosewood inlay to make a sweet and subtle statement, and attract attention in both light and dark locks. It is intended to style best in medium to fine hair types.

  8. The Tapioca hair stick particularly suits thick hair. It’s large upper body allows it to support a lot of hair! The indentation at the top of the hair stick reflects the shape of leaves eaten in the wild, and also holds the hair firmly in place.

  9. The Champaka’s striking horn-like shape is for those with a strong sense of style. It’s best suited to medium and long length hair, and the subtle twist of its body allows it to move fluidly through your hair and hold it securely in place.

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  10. The Mini Palms are a set of two hair pins, each one made from a combination of tamarind and rosewood. Due to their short length, and wide centre, they are best suited to shorter and medium length hair.

  11. The Mini Pandans are a set of two hair pins, handcrafted from the roots of tamarind and rosewood trees. The contrasting tones of the woods compliment both light and dark hair. Due to their wide width and short length, The Mini Pandans are best styled in hair that is finer and medium to short in length.

  12. The Banana Leaf comes in all three of our woods: teak, rosewood and tamarind. Due to its slender shape, the Banana Leaf suits thinner hair types. However you wear it, the Banana Leaf hair stick is simple and elegant.

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