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Switching to Wood and Why | The Benefits of using Wood on our Hair.

Using the correct tools on your hair is just as important as product choice, here are some reasons why wood has so many benefits for us. 


Gentle On Your Hair | Using wood over plastic reduces stress on the hair as it is anti-static and doesn’t positively conduct electricity the same way plastic or metal does, therefore its prevents your hair from static and frizz. 

Massages & Stimulates Scalp | The wooden tips of the comb softley massage and stimulate the scalp when brushing which increases blood flow and in turn promotes growth and healthy oil production. Our scalps have natural pressure points too, the soft contact of the comb can also affect our mood by calming and quieting our mind. 

Naturally Nourishes Hair & Redistributes Oils | Healthy looking hair is all about oil distribution. The porous nature of wood absorbs and redistributes oils from your scalp to your ends which maintain healthy hair. Our ends need more moisture and so using wood in our accessories and applying our hair oils when needed will keep them nourished. 

Hair Growth | Increasing blood circulation through massaging your scalp with the wooden tips, increasing follicles to produce more strands will encourage growth and thickness. 

Prevents Tangles & Breakage | Metal and plastic combs often create tangles and cause hair to break. The nature of wood makes this process much softer and easier on the hair which avoids breakage and split ends. A good recommendation is to always first use your fingers with wet hair to gently break tangles first and then go over it after with a wooden comb. 

Promotes Scalp Health | Increased circulation has a range of benefits from oil distribution to growth. However, wood also avoids scalp irritation, since wood is a natural material it is less likely it aggravates skin allergies and causes irritation. Dandruff for example is caused by skin irritation. 

Removes Foreigh Particles | Metal and plastic can leave foreign particles that find their way into your hair and scalp. Wood with its negative charge will remove them whilst brushing them away from the hair. 

Great Durability | Wooden combs are strong and durable which give it a long life span of use. Wood is also renewable and biodegradable, so if they do break they are not adding non recyclable waste to our growing waste problem. 

Suitable For All Hair Types | No matter your hair type, wooden combs will gently serve and protect your hair in the best way possible. Find the right come for you here.