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Our Ethos

"The UN sustainable development goals for 2030 strongly recognize the immediate need for the protection and restoration of our global ecosystems."

Sourcing & Production

Our Handcrafted Accessories

Our wooden handcrafted accessories, are designed by us from the natural shapes, flora and fauna in Indonesia. They are individually names after their plant. We source waste materials such as the root of the wood which is often left over from local businesses and has less commercial use. By using this waste material we feel we are having as little impact on the environment as possible.

We have a small team of artisans in Bali who we work with and pay the living wage in Indonesia who we have supported for nearly 5 years. We work flexibly around their religious holidays and cultural ceremonies. By encouraging traditional crafts we feel passionate that we are supporting Indonesian culture and artisanal craft. Each piece is hand carved by our artisans, sanded down to the finest grain using simple tools and techniques, and finished with natural wax and oils.

Using wood, as an alternative to plastic and elastic, means they are fully biodegradable and all our packaging is local and fully recyclable.

Our Hair Brushes

We source FSC wood for our manufactured brushes that come from a long standing family company in Germany.

All materials including the bristles are fully biodegradable and our packaging is fully recyclable.

Our Hair Oils

Our hair oils are handmade in small batches in the U.K and made with 100% certified natural and organic ingredients. They have been devised to deeply nourish and moisturise a variety of hair types and skin with aromatherapy benefits.

We offer fully recyclable packaging and marketing materials. All made from recyclable bale papers and vegetable inks.

"We are now a climate positive workforce and offset all our personal and company emissions via ‘Carbon Offset Schemes’ by partnering with ‘Ecology’."

Our Impact

2020 | 5250 Tree’s Planted

In the first few years of running S A Y A, together with our community and customers we planted 5250 trees into local forestry projects in Indonesia. After extensive research into NGO's we partnered with the The Eden Reforestation Project in order to plant our trees. The Eden Reforestation Project has been developing community-based rehabilitation activities in countries such as Indonesia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti and Kenya to benefit not only the environment but also contributing to the locals poor-economy through agroforestry. Visit the Eden Project here to learn more about what they do.

2021 | 1% for the Planet, The Women's Earth Alliance and Ecology.

In February 2021, we became proud members of 1% for the Planet which gives 1% of our annual proceeds to NGOs and nonprofits working on climate solutions, natural energy, education, activism, biodiversity and much more. Read more about the amazing projects at 1% for the Planet here.

We are now a climate positive workforce and offset all our personal and company emissions via ‘Carbon Offset Schemes’ by partnering with ‘Ecology’. Ecology also works with international NGOs and nonprofits who plant trees, reduce carbon pollution and calculate your company footprint to offset them. Meet Ecology and view our profile here.

As part of our 1% commitment we are so excited to now be working with WEA. ‘Womens Earth Alliance’ is a group of international women that catalyses and amplifies the voices of women-led, grassroots solutions to protect our environment and strengthen communities from the inside out. See Cofounder Melinda’s TED story here. Through their signature Accelerator model, WEA provides leadership, strategy, and technical training that supports leaders and their organisations to scale their initiatives while connecting them to a global alliance. Through WEA we strive to honour and dedicate our support to this female uprising for social and ecological justice. By collaboration and sharing their campaigns on our platform, we hope to get more involved and invite our community to participate in volunteering or support directly.

"Through WEA we strive to honour and dedicate our support to this female uprising for social and ecological justice."

Indonesia is where S A Y A began and our where our environmental conscious was born and our activism journey began… ‘Saya’ stands for ‘My’ in Indonesian. We believe Indonesia is one of the most beautiful places on earth and this is what called us to action. ‘My alliance’ in Indonesian means ‘aliansi saya’. Through our commitments to our home, the planet, we hope to continue to learn how to change business and consumerism for the better and be part of this growing green economy.

Please email any ideas, suggestions or questions you have for us. Email hello@sayadesigns.com