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How to do a "Platted Bun" 

In this tutorial we use a the Banana Leaf to create a plaited bun. This generally works really well with curly but can work with other types of hair too.

  1. Plait your hair down the centre, from behind
  2. Then you can either ‘fold’ or 'twist' the plait into itself to make a bun.
  3. Choose either a firm or loose hold,
  4. Then take the hairpin and thread it like a needle through the bun.
  5. You want to make sure its gone through multiple layers of the hair so it will feel nice and secure.

For a more in depth guide to this style please click here.

We continue to create tutorial to show you how to create different hairstick styles. We have specific tutorials for long, medium and short hair and we aim to add more every month. If you have a unique style in which you use a hair stick then please let us know.